Materiale elettrico

Electrical Material

The producers with whom we have been collaborating for years are the result of important choices and represent the basis of our commercial activity.



We guide our customers in choosing of the best solution and product thanks to our dedicated technical staff and a continuously updated exhibition space.


Home Automation

The environments we live in, increasingly technological, should be managed with extreme ease. This is the function of smart home automation.
Simplicity, comfort, energy saving.



We have been working in this sector since its arrival in Italy, in the year 2000.

We have contributed, with our technical-commercial activity, to the construction of about 500 plants in the residential and productive sector.



We have been investing in this sector for about twenty years, focusing on heat pumps and often combining them with photovoltaics, as a fundamental energy conversion tool in the global energy transaction.


Security and Access Management

The safety of the environments is a matter of reliability products and systems.
Together with our producer partners we assist designers and installers to ensure the maximum reliability.

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Chelli srl - Environment

The environment is very important to us and our projects always take care of this.
With the aim of accompanying companies that want to consciously label themselves green, also for aspects of commercial development and greater the possibility of placing their products on the market, we offer dedicated services, such as the measurement of their Carbon Footprint, Energy Management, also arriving at the production of Carbon Credits with projects linked to economic development in developing countries.



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